Cake Icing Nozzle No 230L Stainless Steel

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Cake Icing Nozzle No 230L Stainless Steel is an indispensable tool in the world of bakery and cake decorating. These small, metal, or plastic attachments play a crucial role in creating stunning and intricate designs with icing or frosting on cakes and other goods. Whether it's adding borders to cakes, writing personalized messages, or crafting delicate floral arrangements, cake icing nozzles allow bakers to transform plain cakes into works of edible art, adding that extra touch of beauty and charm to every creation that leaves the bakery.


These calyx sugar paste plunger cutters are suitable to use on fondant/plastic icing, gum paste and flower moulding paste. There are 3 calyx plunger cutters in this set ranging from 28mm 35mm and 45mm across widest points. Cut out flower blossoms without pressing the plunger then using the plunger, eject the calyx on to a soft foam sponge to dry or use immediately on the cake.

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